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Alicia had been quietly and graciously fighting cervical cancer after being diagnosed in May 2013. Many of her friends and acquaintances were unaware of her diagnosis and her daily battle. She was diagnosed with a rare and extremely aggressive form of cancer, known as clear cell adenocarcinoma. She went through multiple rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation on a daily basis, invasive internal radiation, as well as strict changes to her diet and lifestyle to try and defeat this disease.

Just before Christmas 2013, we were informed that this ferocious form of cancer had spread through her lymphatic system and developed in both of her lungs. Alicia’s doctors gave their prognosis of a short and bleak future. However, with the same attitude that Alicia had applied to her whole fight with this disease, she was determined to continue and found hope in a leading oncology clinic in Germany. The clinic offered advanced technology and treatments not available in Australia, applying a holistic individualised approach that gave Alicia the best chance of surviving.

It breaks our hearts to let you know that our brave and courageous fighter Alicia Johnson passed peacefully away in the early morning of 12th June.

Alicia was so touched and moved by all the love and support she received over her short but inspirational journey with this ferocious disease. We thank you for helping her and us through this past year.

If you haven’t already, tell your daughters and sisters that you love them. For all the women out there, Alicia wished to spread the message to make sure you are up to date with all your women’s health checks, listen to your body and act if you suspect anything is not right.

It doesn’t seem bearable that we won’t see our radiant blue eyed girl with the world at her feet again. But we know she will be with us always in our hearts.

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6 Responses to “Alicia’s Story”

  1. Dear Alicia,
    You don’t know me, however my partner Sarah was in the grade below you at school, thus how I heard about the situation you are dealing with.
    Your story really touched us, I wanted to donate to your cause, but also wanted to let you know that there is HOPE!!! You seem like you are a very positive person surrounded by lots of loving friends and family so that is key. My mother was diagnosed with Lymphatic cancer 16 years ago….. after all the Chemo and Radiation that she could handle the doctors advised us that they had done all that they could and she only had 3 months to live. When most people would just give up hope, she went straight to a hypnotherapist and had that statement (and the emotion tied to such crushing news) removed from her experiences. She opted for alternative treatments, completely changed her diet from a Naturopathic perspective and most importantly….. changed her attitude about the whole experience. She told herself she was getting better every day, In every way. Her cancer went into remission. She is alive and healthy to this day. So, Stay Strong Alicia. There is hope. DO NOT let anyone else tell you what your body is capable of. Go and astonish them.
    Take care,
    Kyle Sheehy.

  2. Dear Alicia,

    You dont know me but a friend on facebook has shared you story and it touched me. Last year I was diagnosed with cancer so I can relate to the chemo / radio and ALL the needles. I wish you the best in your fight against this awful disease. I hope that you make it to Germany so you can continue living the life you deserve. All my love and best wishes – Alicia Black. xx

  3. Dearest Alicia
    Words cannot express my concerns for you. I am so touched by your strength and fortitude living with this fear.
    Though your will is strong I see how fragile you are and please know you are not alone.
    I am a friend of your parents, I am an Outrigger friend and I promise you I will do all I can to spread the word to get the help you need.
    There are many of us who have been touched by cancer but we are united together Alicia and will do all we can to assist you through fund raising, whatever we have to do – we will ok:))
    Hang in their darling girl. I will contact you on Monday
    God Bless – On Angels Wings

  4. Hi Alicia,
    Another person here who you don’t know but our work just shared your story and it touched me. All I wanted to say is that I’m thinking of you, praying for you and wishing you the strongest fight, which I know you are doing. Never give up beautiful girl xxxx

  5. Hi Alicia.

    I don’t know you but I am a friend of your Aunt so feel, through all of our long hours of talking, that I almost do know you and know how much she adores – because of your inside and outside beauty . I know of the prayers and love she is pouring out every day as that little bit ‘extra’ that may just help in getting you well again.

    As a mother of two beautiful daughters who mean the world to me, my heart goes out to your family. I can only imagine the strength required to get you through. I am told of your positive and very brave fight and, as you said, we all deserve a chance at a future. I pray for you every day Alicia. I pray for a cure and for your continued strength to see this through.

    I also have a dear friend who is fighting a recurrence of this incidious desease. She also has a great faith that she will see this through. What wonderful and brave people you are.

    God Bless.

  6. June Tarlinton March 3, 2014 at 7:49 pm

    Dear Alicia ,
    I wish you the best of luck in the future when this is just a fading memory. I have three beautiful daughters who are so precious to me and I know how precious you are to your family and friends. I will be thinking of you as I milk my cows and send positive healing vibes your way.
    The best of wishes June T.