What people have to say about Alicia

"Upon meeting Alicia people notice at once that she is a truly beautiful person, outside and in. Her warmth and gregarious nature are perhaps what they would experience next, for she is immediately engaging and interested in everyone she meets. Add to that her great sense of humour, love of laughter,appreciation for beauty, adventurous nature, inner strength and generosity of spirit and you may begin to see why it is easy to see why everyone who knows her, loves her."
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"Alicia worked for me at Virgin Australia, where she was a key contributor to a large scale project. She was among the best and brightest in my team; dedicated, committed and passionate, working long hours and even flying out of the country with only a few hours notice. She is selfless, passionate and incredibly bright. The positive, determined approach with which she is facing her battle is inspiring, and shows just what an amazing girl she really is."
"As the much loved baby of the family, Alicia has always been a shining star in our world. She is outgoing, spontaneous, creative and driven. She is a force to be reckoned with. She is compassionate, considerate, and will always be there to support you, even when facing the biggest challenge of her life. She's about loving life and living it to the fullest. She is my best friend - the way only a sister can be."
"It’s been so lovely getting to know Leash better and better over the last couple of years. I’ve always admired her love and zest for life and ability to find the positive side of a situation.  Alicia always has a sunny outlook and this outlook hasn’t wavered with her illness, if anything, it has amplified. The grace and quiet determination Alicia has fought with has been simply inspiring, if I could approach life challenges with even a quarter of the strength Alicia has I’d be blessed."

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